NXT TakeOver New Orleans 2018 Predictions(Blog Only)

Hey keepers of the kayfabe, I’m finally back after a few weeks of no uploads. Sorry that I cannot do a podcast for these predictions. I just don’t have the time. This past Wednesday, I was planning to do this podcast with the other guys, but due to a personal situation, we had to cancel the podcast. So with that, I’m stuck doing this for now. With that said lets get into the predictions.



NXT TakeOver New Orleans 2018 Predictions

I want to prefaces these predictions that I haven’t watched the NXT weekly show in about a month. I just don’t have the time to catch up with it at the moment.

NXT Tag Team Championships & Dusty Rhodes Classic Trophy
Triple Threat Tag Team Match

The Undisputed Era(Kyle O’Reilly &  Adam Cole)(c) vs. The Authors of Pain vs. Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne

Prediction: The Undisputed Era

I know Bobby Fish went down with an injury sometime in February or March, so despite my sadness that he won’t be in this match, it is cool to see Future Shock teaming again. Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly were a great tag team when they were teaming years ago. This match looks pretty exciting. We got two teams that have a good track record in TUE & AOP, and Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne are two of the best workers NXT has, so this match looks really fun on paper. Due to the fact that I haven’t watched NXT recently, this prediction is a shot in the dark. I’m not exactly sure if they are going to keep Strong and Dunne together after this event. So we’ll have to wait and see. So the only logical pick for this match was TUE. AOP has been treading water NXT, and they will probably get called up after WM to feud with Braun and his partner.


NXT Women’s Championship
Ember Moon(c) vs. Shayna Baszler

Prediction: Shayna Baszler

I know I predicted Shayne to win at the last TakeOver, but she has to win this time. Like I said before, the NXT women’s championship has been held by a true heel since Charlotte held the belt so long ago. I fully expect Shayne to walk away with the belt this time. It should be a fun match. Their match at TakeOver Philly was pretty good, so I expect a better performance this time.


NXT North American Championship
6-Man Ladder Match
EC3 vs. Adam Cole vs. Killian Dain vs. Lars Sullivan vs. Ricochet vs. Velveteen Dream

Prediction: Velveteen Dream

My original prediction was to give Adam Cole the clean sweep on the night, but I switched my pick to Velveteen Dream at the last moment. A midcard title on a hour long weekly TV show doesn’t really make too much sense, so my reasoning for giving Velveteen Dream the win is for the sole purpose that he will be in NXT for the long haul, and this a way to progress his character without giving him the top title just yet. Velveteen Dream is still really young, and he will probably be carrying NXT for the next couple of years. So letting him carry the midcard title, and letting him make it HIS belt would be the perfect route for him. It would be like how RVD carried the ECW TV title back in the day. So when he finally loses the belt, he will be ready for a big main event push, and he will have the big time credibility to back it up.

As far as the match goes, this is a big mish-mash of styles. You giants(Dain & Sullivan), WWE style wrestlers(EC3 & Velveteen Dream), a technical indy wrestler(Cole), and a luchadore(Ricochet). It should be a fun match, and I’m really looking forward to it.


NXT Championship
Andrade “Cien” Almas(c) vs. Aleister Black

Prediction: Aleister Black

They have been building Black for this match since he made his at last years Wrestlemania weekend show, so I fully expect this to be his crowning moment. Almas has done a great job as champion. I know a lot of people were questioning whether he would be able to carry the top belt considering that he hasn’t been booked the best before he won the belt. So he has silenced a lot of his critics. His match with Gargano at TakeOver Philly was one of the best matches I have ever seen. With Salina Vega he has established himself as one of the best “prospects” in NXT. Like I stated before, I fully expect his match to go to Black. I know NXT likes to surprise people with their booking, and they think more long term than the main roster does. But with his appearance in the 2018 Royal Rumble, I expect Almas and Vega to make their debut on the main roster some time after Mania. Maybe not the night after, but at least after Money In The Bank. So if Black wins, they could do a rematch at TakeOver Chicago during Money In the Bank weekend, then Almas and Vega can bid adieu to the NXT then. With that said, I am excited for this match, and it should be a great match.


Unsanctioned Match
If Gargano wins, he will be reinstated to NXT. If Ciampa wins, Gargano will be banned from NXT forever.
Tommasso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano

Prediction: Johnny Gargano

I guess since the match is “unsanctioned” that means that it will also will be No Disqualification. They have been building this match since May of last year, so if this match doesn’t main event, I will be shocked. Their match during the CWC was one of the best matches I have ever watched despite how short the match. I’ll give it to Gargano for carrying the build for this feud while Ciampa has been injured. As far as the match outcome. Usually in feuds like this, you typically give the heel the first match which will lead to the heel finally getting his comeuppance. Though, with the stipulation it seems like a forgone conclusion that Gargano will be taking this one. Unless they plan on calling up Gargano, then eventually continuing this on the main roster when Ciampa gets called up. I just don’t see them doing much with Gargano on the main roster to justify that move. With Bryan returning to the ring, that underdog babyface role has pretty much been taken from Gargano. It would be a waste to move him to 205Live considering the uncertain future for that show. So, I’m going to go with Gargano taking this match. Ciampa will get his win back at TakeOver Chicago. Then I will go with the bold prediction that Ciampa will win the NXT Championship from Black at TakeOver Brooklyn, and they will build out the Gargano/Ciampa feud to main event next years Wrestlemania weekend show for the NXT Championship. I know this prediction is probably completely wrong, but I’m sticking with it.

With that said, I’m predicting that this match will be the best match of WM weekend. This match will have some stiff competition from Cody vs. Kenny at SuperCard of Honor, and Styles vs. Nakamura at Wrestlemania 34. So we have a fantastic weekend of wrestling coming up.


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