Cody vs. Kenny Omega Scheduled for Super Card Of Honor XII

On a recent episode of Being The Elite, they announced that the big match between Kenny and Cody will be taking place at ROH’s Super Card Of Honor XII.

The announcement happens at the 11:04 mark:

ROH’s Super Card of Honor happens on April 7th, 2018.

Deebow’s Take: There is a lot to unpack right here. First of all, this is a big New Japan angle, so I’m surprised they are letting ROH get the first encounter between the two. While I know that this card is a co-promoted card between ROH and NJPW, it’s shocking to me that they don’t save this match for Dominion.

Second of all, I love the way they announced the match. It’s such an odd way to announce a big match like this. This trance thing that they have been doing with Nick Jackson has been going on for a little while, so I’m glad to see it get such a big pay off.

Thirdly, unless they change the time of this show to earlier in the day, they will be running this show directly against NXT TakeOver: New Orleans. Both arenas are only about 10 miles away from each other. Cody vs. Kenny will be the special attraction match for ROH, and Gargano vs. Ciampa will probably the special attraction match for NXT. It will be interesting how this splits the live audience in New Orleans.

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