Kenny Omega Kicked Out Of Bullet Club?

At NJPW’s New Beginning event, Kenny Omega put his IWGP US Championship on the line against “Switchblade” Jay White in a losing effort. After the match, Cody and Kenny got into an argument which lead to Kenny pushing Matt Jackson down to the ground by accident. After the Young Bucks left the ring is disgust, Kenny and the rest of Bullet Club appeared to reconcile. Cody held the ropes open from Kenny, then while Kenny was exiting the ring, Cody grabbed Kenny and gave him a cross rhodes. Hangman Page then ran back out to help Cody continue the beat down on Kenny while Marty Scurll tried to talk both guys down. Cody then grabbed a chair while Hangman Page held Kenny up. As Cody was winding up, Kota Ibushi ran out to save his former tag team partner.

Here is the video:

Deebow’s Take: The reason I presented this a question is because it’s obvious that more of the story needs to play out. The Young Bucks didn’t attack Kenny, and Marty Scurll was trying to talk Cody and Hangman out of attacking Kenny. I hope they don’t try to split the Bullet Club into two separate factions, ala nWo Hollywood/nWo Wolfpac. Kenny Omega has been a huge part of Bullet Club’s main stream success over the last year and a half. So it will be interesting to see if both sides can continue the main stream success without each other.

With this news coming out the morning, people are already speculating that Kenny will be at the Royal Rumble. Before you give your hopes up, let me say this, IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Kenny has already signed with NJPW until 2019 at least.

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