Episode 143 – 4th Annual Faybies(The Last Episode)

Hey keepers of the kayfabe, we are back for one last ride. If you can’t tell by the title, this is the faybies episode. For this year, we decided to include catagories from Wrestling, Film, and TV. Yes, this is our last episode(under the current format). It’s been one heck of a journey these last 4+ years. We would like to thank everybody that has has followed us over the last four years. Even if you have only listened to half of one episode throughout our entire run, we still appriciate it. We would like to thank everybody that has been a guest on the podcast, you know who you are. If you have ever purchased a shirt, or shared a link to our episodes, we are forever greatful. Remember, our podcasting journey is not over by a long shot. Be sure to look for The FAT Podcast on the Apple Store, and Google Play Music. The link to the website will be included below. And as always, have fun listening!

The FAT Podcast:

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