NEWS: Emma, Darren Young, and Summer Rae Released

WWE has come to terms on the releases of WWE Superstars Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae.

WWE wishes them the best in all of their future endeavors.


Deebow’s Take: As of right now, there are no details whether these wrestlers asked for their release. If any new details drop, I will be sure to update on the situation.

I can’t say I’m shocked that Darren Young and Summer Rae have been released. They haven’t done anything noteworthy in years. On the other hand, Emma was just in a big time PPV match with Asuka at TLC. Considering they squashed her the next night on RAW, I should have seen it coming. Emma’s time in WWE will always be about “what could have been”. WWE has openly mocked her about her claim about starting the “Women’s Revolution”, but Emma and Paige were the two women that sparked the “Women’s Revolution” with their work in NXT. Sadly, that was probably Emma’s WWE career highlight. It’s a shame also, because she seemed to be gaining traction over the last couple months. I look forward to seeing what Ms. Dashwood does outside of the WWE. Hopefully she can make big waves on the Independent Scene and maybe Japan. I would love to see her wrestle in ROH’s Women of Honor division, or even in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Considering she is only 28 years old, she still has quite a few good years ahead of her.

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